The main area of OncoReview’s  scientific mission is the emerging field of interdisciplinary oncology, with particular emphasis on cardio-oncology. Scientific papers published in the journal concern modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods used in this population of patients, as well as all adverse events related to anticancer treatment. Objective assessment of the benefits and risks of new oncological drugs is a unique benefit of the published works. 

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Vol 12 No 3(47) (2022)

Dear Readers,

case report is one of the oldest and most valuable form of communication in medicine. Its addressees are physicians-practitioners, as well as students of medical faculties and novice specialists. It is a kind of publication, the purpose of which is to present a disease characterized by an atypical course and symptoms, and to illustrate an innovative approach to its treatment, as well as diagnostic and clinical difficulties arising in the diagnostic and therapeutic process.

In the latest issue of “OncoReview”, we offer you two publications on broadly understood interdisciplinary oncology, both come from the Warmia and Mazury Oncology Center in Olsztyn and the Oncology Center in Siedlce.

In the first of them, Przudzik et al. based on the description of a series of cases and a review of the current literature, present the problem of a very rare cancer of the genitourinary system, which is bladder leiomyoma.

In the next one, Czerko et al. present a very interesting and rare picture of breast cancer metastases to the stomach, mimicking linitis plastica.

As always, I wish you fruitful reading, which in my opinion may translate into an improvement in the prognosis of patients who are patients of oncology centers.

Radosław Grabysa, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Published: 2022-09-30

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