Dacryocystectomy as a treatment alternative for chronic recurrent dacryocystitis in elderly patients: case series study Case series report

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Anna Kwiecińska
Małgorzata Woś


Dacryocystectomy is a procedure that involves complete surgical extirpation of the lacrimal sac. It was first described by Woolhouse in 1724 and became the gold standard for the management of lacrimal system obstruction and dacryocystitis before the advent of dacryocystectomy. Many minimally invasive methods are currently available to treat lacrimal disorders, but there are several specific indications for dacryocystectomy, such as malignant lacrimal sac tumors.

Generally, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which avoids risks that are associated with general anesthesia or sedation in ailing or elderly patients. Dacryocystectomy can also also avoid skin scars. In 2013, Shams and Selva were the first to perform endoscopic dacryocystectomy.

This article discusses indications, contraindications, goals, techniques, and complications of dacryocystectomy.

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Kwiecińska A, Woś M. Dacryocystectomy as a treatment alternative for chronic recurrent dacryocystitis in elderly patients: case series study. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2020Jun.10 [cited 2020Oct.27];7(2):129-34. Available from: https://journalsmededu.pl/index.php/ophthatherapy/article/view/1014
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