Iris plastic surgery. Part 2. Surgery with iris implants and combined techniques. A case series report Case series report

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Adam Cywiński


The article describes possibilities and indications for surgical correction of iris defects using artificial implants and their combinations with suture techniques in five cases from the author's own material. All patients gave informed consent for medical procedures. Using partial or total implants of the iris, including artificial iris, we can correct almost all iris losses and imperfections. Iris implants should be considered if simple suture of the iris is insufficient in obtaining the intended effect. This article presents five cases of surgical iris reconstrucion both in congential and acquired iridial defects.

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Cywiński A. Iris plastic surgery. Part 2. Surgery with iris implants and combined techniques. A case series report. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2020Mar.31 [cited 2020Nov.30];7(1):59-5. Available from:
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