Ocular myasthenia – symptoms, diagnostics, treatment Review article

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Emilia Nowowiejska
Radosław Różycki


Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disease in which antibodies are damaging receptors of the neuromuscular junction. One of its main symptoms is ptosis, term that refers to the drooping of the eyelid that may lead to a reduction of the vision field and the compensatory chin-up position. Contrary to sensile (involutional) ptosis, in which surgical treatment is a method of choice, in case of ptosis with myasthenic aetilology, pharmacotherapy is recommended and surgery is relatively contraindicated. Surgical procedures are rarely performed, only in the case of stable ptosis and ineffectiveness of pharmacotherapy. Since the majority of isolated drooping eyelids of a different aetiology can be successfully surgically corrected, ruling out the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis is essential before deciding on appropriate treatment.

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