Uveal Melanoma – a review of treatment methods Review article

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Aleksandra Domańska
Daria Piekarz
Natalia Pijas
Barbara Pieniążek
Halina Piecewicz-Szczęsna


Uveal melanoma is the most common primary intraocular malignancy. In Europe, the incidence of uveal melanoma is approximately 8 cases per million people per year. In about 50% of cases, uveal melanoma metastasizes. Scientific papers on uveal melanoma published between 1 January 2018 – 1 March 2023, available in the PubMed database were analysed. Currently, methods such as enucleation, transpupillary thermotherapy, photodynamic therapy, eye plaque brachytherapy, proton beam therapy and stereotactic surgery are used to treat this cancer. In this paper we summarize the current knowledge about the classic treatment methods and the promising novel ones. 


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Domańska A, Piekarz D, Pijas N, Pieniążek B, Piecewicz-Szczęsna H. Uveal Melanoma – a review of treatment methods. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2023Dec.31 [cited 2024Jul.18];10(4):245-52. Available from: https://journalsmededu.pl/index.php/ophthatherapy/article/view/2795
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Halina Piecewicz-Szczęsna, Chair and Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research Methodology, Medical University of Lublin, Poland 



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