Ptosis – diagnostics and treatment Review article

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Mateusz Jacuński
Dominika Białas
Radosław Różycki


It is estimated that the low position of the upper eyelid affects over 1 million patients in Poland. Ptosis limits the visual field, causes compensatory head positions and the feeling of visual deterioration. The unaesthetic appearance of the eyes additionally contributes to low self-esteem. The aim of this article is to review modern diagnostic algorithms used in the case of a dropped eyelid. The paper also discusses the surgical techniques that are used in the case of ptosis and the guidelines for the correct qualification of the patient to a given surgical method.


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Jacuński M, Białas D, Różycki R. Ptosis – diagnostics and treatment. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2022Mar.31 [cited 2023Jun.8];9(1):63-0. Available from:
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