Modified technique of phacoemulsification and its impact on expected postoperative parameters Review article

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Magdalena Skorek
Piotr Jurowski


Phacoemulsification is a common surgical procedure performed in every ophthalmology department. Good postoperative visual acuity is the result of many pre-, intra and postoperative components, including correct morphometric measurement of the eyeball and calculation of the artificial lens power using an appropriate calculation formula. The ophthalmologist should have extensive knowledge of the potential impact of surgical technique modifications on the postoperative visual acuity, as performing additional intraoperative manipulations may be associated with unexpected postoperative ametropia and need to correct the refractive value of the implanted intraocular lens.


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Skorek M, Jurowski P. Modified technique of phacoemulsification and its impact on expected postoperative parameters. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2020Sep.30 [cited 2021Jul.25];7(3):239-45. Available from:
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